Dr Billinghurst BARF - Lamb 2.72kg (12 portions)

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2.72 kg per box = 12 paties of 227g

Australian lamb is pasture raised. In terms of being either a red or white meat, it is very much a ‘fence-sitter. This means Doctor B’s Lamb Recipe BARF is a good choice in most situations; it is an excellent ‘all-rounder.’
It is complete and balanced for all life stages and is high in energy. It has high levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid together with an excellent balance of Omega 6:3 Essential Fatty acids.  This combination has excellent anti-inflammatory properties for degenerative conditions.

Good for:

  • all life stages, especially active dogs, growing small breed pups and lactating females
  • underweight animals

Not so good for:

  • dogs requiring a low fat diet e.g. chronic pancreatitis or restricted calorie diet e.g. for weight loss

Important Information

Please read before ordering:  BARF can be delivered only in Brisbane area

This product should be placed into freezer immediately or as soon as possible

Please specify the time of delivery as we will require for someone to be available at the premises to accept the goods


Brand Dr. Billinghurst
Shipping Weight 2.7200kg

Chicken, Lamb, Beef and/or Pork (includes meat, finely ground bones and offal), Carrots, Apples, Salmon Frames, Yoghurt, Whole Eggs, Spinach and/or Silverbeet, Oranges, Cabbage, Alfalfa, Dehydrated Kelp, Flaxseed, Celery, Garlic, plus other assorted seasonal vegetables and /or fruits

Feeding Guide for Dogs

Because Doctor B’s BARF patties for dogs are formulated according to the principles of Evolutionary Nutrition, they may be fed as the whole diet; ideally, they can be combined with varying proportions of raw meaty bones, with or without the addition of other whole raw healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruit.

Important: To avoid over-feeding (and obesity) when feeding Doctor B’s BARF together with other healthy foods, reduce patties proportionally to the amount of other foods included in the diet. The following guides use Doctor B’s BARF patties for dogs as the whole diet.

A rough ‘rule of thumb’ of how many Doctor B’s BARF patties to feed per day is to work it out is as a percentage of bodyweight (although it may vary a little with the energy content of the BARF patty).

  • Healthy adult dogs, or older dogs which are not exercising: feed approx. 2-3% of bodyweight daily, divided into 2 meals. 
    • Dogs on a weight loss program: reduce feeding level by up to 20-30%, depending on the amount of weight to be lost and overall regime. 
  • Active healthy young adult dogs which exercise daily (but not excessively): feed approx. 3-4% of bodyweight daily, divided into 2 meals.
  • Working, racing or highly active dogs: feed approx. 3-6% of bodyweight daily. Food with a higher fat content to increase the energy supply (e.g. Doctor B’s BARF high energy patties) is ideal.  Reduce feeding level when not active or working.
  • Small to medium breed puppies: feed 3-6% of bodyweight daily, divided into 3-4 small meals. Adjust based on activity level. Reduce as they reach adulthood.
  • Large to giant breed puppies: feed 2-4% of bodyweight per day, divided into 3-4 meals. Ensure these puppies grow slowly, so moderate, or even some reduced energy patties may be suitable. If high energy patties are desired to be fed, add extra vegetable pulp (from a juicer) and reduce patties to make the dog feel fuller and reduce energy density of the food.
  • Pregnant females: feed approx. 2-4% of bodyweight (depending on activity level) for the first ⅔ of pregnancy, divided into 2 meals. For the last ⅓ of pregnancy, increase to 3-5% of bodyweight daily, divided into 2-4 meals.
  • Lactating females: feed approx. 3-6% of bodyweight daily, up to free choice, depending on litter size and age of the pups. Divide into as many meals as required up to free choice.

Doctor B’s BARF patties for dogs are divided into three ‘energy’ contents: high, moderate and reduced energy.  Feeding guides for each flavour by weight, life stage and activity level are in the links which follow. Note that these are guides only. Always adjust the amount you feed your dog to maintain the desired body weight and condition.

- When received this dog food must be placed in the freezer immediately.

- Do not cook.

- De-frost naturally or in the microwave.

- Follow the instructions from the manufacturer.


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